Vehicle reviewing

March 14, 2017 By Phil Curry

I’m sure many people will say ‘I’ve watched every episode of Top Gear and can review a car in my sleep’. Thankfully I have more experience than that.

I’m a petrolhead, someone who has grown up around the automotive industry and from an early outset decided that oil and octane was for me. I’ve combined that passion into a career that includes reviewing vehicles. I’ve driven many in my time and developed the ability to ‘feel’ each one, from its handling characteristics to its grip levels. I’ve reviewed for Practical Motorhome, Disability Product News and Aftermarket magazine as well as my own online blogs, many of which have been picked up and shared by manufacturers involved.

I have contacts with all the major vehicle manufacturers and the SMMT, where I regularly attend their test days. This means I can get a heads up on new models and some experience before choosing them on a longer road test.

Just like with products, reviewing a vehicle is not just about jumping in and driving, but understanding the background and specifications as well, then building a story on top of that to see what it truly achieves. I’m able to take my experience and analytical mind when driving in a variety of conditions and put my thoughts to paper in a clear to read manner that will allow consumers to come to a decision if they are considering a purchase.