Product testing

March 14, 2017 By Phil Curry

My first job in journalism was product testing and I learnt from a professional, someone who had been doing it for years. Over 12 years later and it is still a staple of my life.

There is more to it than just receiving a box, plugging an object in, taking some photographs then copying the manual on how it works. To review a product you need to first understand it. That means talking to the company who made it, learning what, why and how, then studying it in detail from the moment it leaves its box to the time it goes back in.

If I’m not the best person to understand the inner workings of an item then I will find someone who is, and use their knowledge in my review, giving an expert opinion that will stand out and carry gravitas compared to a simple ‘living room’ test.

If you need a product reviewed with interest, passion and dedication, an in-depth study of an item or background research on what makes something tick, I can help.