Writing is more than just words on a page. For the reader it is a journey, one that educates, informs and provokes debate. Putting together an article, feature, report or press release is a similar journey. You need to plan, learn, format and convey the information in the best way possible.

As this website suggests, the automotive industry is my area of expertise. The market may be vast, but so is my range. I can write about new vehicles, future technologies (including electric, hydrogen, eFuels and autonomous), motorsports and the aftermarket. Not only can I create content, but I understand each and every one of these areas, and have numerous contacts of my own spread across the UK and Europe in these fields.

With 19 years of journalistic experience plus a BA Hons in Journalism, writing is at the core of what I do. Over the years I have created thousands of pieces of content and I’ve enjoyed putting together each and every one. 

Whether you want a short news piece for a website, a detailed feature or review, an interview piece, some press releases put together or an informative white paper or report, I can work with you to create something that not only meets your needs but gives the reader exactly the message you want to convey.

Some written work examples...