PR services

March 14, 2017 By Phil Curry

I’ve sat on both sides of the fence in my career. That doesn’t mean I’m indecisive, rather that I’ve worked in journalism and public relations.

Therefore, I’m able to understand not only what a company needs to convey, but also what a journalist wants to read. The detail needs to be front-and-centre, the information and background must be interesting and the entire piece must both answer questions and create more that can be answered through engagement.

Yet public relations is more than just writing press releases but seeing the entire story through from start to finish. What begins with a few words on a page can lead to an international event, a chance to meet and greet, to establish the story in front of ones very eyes. However, none of that will get a chance if those words on that page are not dynamic enough to enhance the interest.

I can work with PR agencies and companies to create press releases and articles for journalists to pick up and publish, and help to see a story through from start to finish. Whether this means working alongside an event to ensure the right people attend, or updating information through further releases and online channels, my experience and understanding will help drive recognition forwards.