A bit about me…

I’m passionate about cars, and have been since a young age. I’m also passionate about writing, so bringing the two together puts me in a position to produce content from the heart as well as the head.

I find it hard to write about myself, the question is – where to start? I’ll therefore begin at college with my distinction in GNVQ Media. I covered all aspects of the media, from radio production to film and television. Yet it was writing that took my fancy, as it had done at school. Following a couple of years out working, I enrolled in a BA Honours Journalism degree at the University of Essex, and after three years graduated with a 2.1.

Following this, I began my career working at Car Audio Retailer magazine. This was a trade title for the in-car entertainment industry and a place where I could start building my contacts. I then moved on to a career in PR, working on the promotion of a number of job shows for the website JobServe. I then moved back into writing for magazines with a position at Practical Motorhome, until the economic crisis meant a redundancy. Following this I found a position as Editor of Disability Magazine and then moved onto technology title +Plastic Electronics, before taking the position of Aftermarket Editor, where I was again able to talk about my passion to garage owners and technicians.

I’ve always enjoyed working on cars and reviewing them. I also love technology, which has seen me produce videos (like the one above) and websites. In 2007, I launched Car Nation, a car club where myself and friends could get together on forums and attend car shows. over time, this became an online magazine, allowing me to build contacts within the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. I regularly attend the SMMT Test day and associated events, as well as manufacturer test days. In 2017, Car Nation rebranded as All Torque and continues to offer a mix of video and written reviews along with event reports and vehicle news.

I’m a keen motorsport fan, passionate about Formula 1, as I have been since the day I turned on the television to see the final six laps of the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix. Senna and Mansell duelling on those narrow streets was fascinating to watch and I’ve been hooked ever since. The automotive world is firmly entrenched in my heart and is one I will continue to follow, to research and to write about. I hope to be able to welcome you on my journey.